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Made for HEJ game jam - March.

Theme: Glitch

It took me 30 hours to make.

Game is around 100 MB. It takes time to load in.  


Left click, Right click = move droids

Move near to capture droids.

Droid types:

Smallest droid fires EMP (hairy orbs). It can stun others.

Assault small droid. Normal fire.

Gatling tank droid. You can  only capture it in stunned state.

Thanks for the awesome music:

Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio



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Version 17 98 MB
Version 15

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Hi hello! This Sunday (11th of April) I'm going to play games on my stream. Your game is one of the games I am going to play. :) 

I will not make a full review, but a first play impression so maybe you will be interested to see our opinion about the game :)

The stream is going to be LIVE at 7pm CET 11th April

Hi Khaligufzel,

 Please use a downloadable version to stream. The performance of the web version is poor. I would expects some updates till 11th of April.

I saved the date.

Thank you,


Thank you for the awesome stream. It was fun to watch.